Memories & Moments

Broken Tooth

In November of 2017, Dad was playing with Charloo in the living room & broke his top, left fang. It snapped like a little twig, & was such a sad moment!

Ball Removal

In the Spring of 2014? Dad took Charlie to the vet to get him fixed. After the procedure, Charlie gained a lot of weight very quickly. Dad went to MDF right after the surgery, and when he came back, he was so big that his collar was engulfed in new flab!

The Great Escape

One day in 2014, Dad came home from work like normal. Charlie was not at the door like a usual day, and he got scared that Charloo was dead or stuck somewhere. He looked all over the place, and behind nooks. It turns out Char found the hole in the screen in the bedroom & saw his way out.


Charloo has been a little naughty lately. He likes playing with his sisters, Jade & Pixel, but sometimes he is too much for them. Mom has been putting him in the Ready Room for timeout so he can think about what he's done.

More stuff coming soon

More stories about Charlie will be coming.

Pics of Moments

Gummy Bear


At this point, Charlie has two teeth left. He has one fang and one bottom tooth. 

Charloo Houdini


Evidence of the Great Escape

Christmas Cat


Christmas 2015 at Grandma and Grandpa's place

Getting Wasted !


Getting druuuuunk. Thanks, Grandpa!

Vet Day 3/2/18


Char at the vet getting shots n shtuff

Charlie & Godfrey Resting


After a bit of fun, Charlie and Godfrey rested by each other. So cute.